Sketch by Martha Lindenborg VaughtAnother gentle rant…

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Many have a full blown case of the, ‘I know betters’ and my fortunes cannot be tied to this place but I still need the comrades? Do I not? I posit we could spur each other on. It is about all about the work not pleasing the crowds. I hate ‘do gooder’ shows proscriptive and dull as ash. “Ya excerpts from the novel and yes you can read it right now; just pay me $ 30,000 and I retain all the rights.” Stuff that you mother fucker. Have to check the E mails and see what is going on now. Yea mr self important I did not answer you queries; do you have any fucking clue to how many scam email’s we get? Candy company has this name to. Way too many Fff-ing Germans settled this back leaning, culture dead hole,  Hoosierland. And are you certain they founded this business? This old failed car company? Watch out you mr. john s. ;  do you know why my father’s father left Sweden? He burnt the neighbors barn down and was sent to military school he got thrown out of that and went to fight in the Boer War on the mother fucking Boer side. Watch out killers lace my heritage checked only by the sweet touch of the Quaker/musician side; and  they were Anglo Saxon Brits and talk about sweet tea drinking murderous bastards! Brits,  Golden tongued with bloody daggers. The inbred Swedish builders are fucking killers. Brought blond hair to central Eurasia and turned the Celts hair red. Plus we mother fuckers stayed here fought the loosing brutal wars and survived the hostile natives. How can you survive the loss of  your high speed internet? Run on, I will not be deferential to your sorry ass. One light glance at your damn pointless abstractions, you low rent Gerhard Richter; My art blows yours so damn far out of your tired European water it is awe filled terrifying. BOOM baby. Care wisely if you got a minute from me; count it the biggest accomplishment of your days. yup we feral,Americans are stone cold killers and don’t you forget it. Dodging the goddamned bullets every fucking day, and firing back. Now go decorate some sorry ass couch or SOFA in some jaded, over paid bore’s, vanity pad.

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Watercolor by Martha Lindenborg Vaught