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 acrylic drawing on RIVES BFK, 19″x 25″ many months of waiting & wondering; what is behind us?  beyond us?,  and coming?

Bigger View

I’ve been working on this painting since early March and this is it’s present state which is close to finished. It is only the beginning of their relationship. He is on her couch [...]

The Latest

The borrowed mules of labor are off their feet. The machinery of commerce stilled. Warthog A10s four fly by my window. Covid19 days 2020

That Guy!

My advances to this work. Made him more male. the story? The young lady got an unexpected guest at the beginning of a historic blizzard. That fool boy brought in for his own good, and to not die [...]

Vacations Remembered

FYI: this all goes under a heading something like, “i’m never going to have a real in the flesh art exhibition so I am using this space digital, I’ve paid for. ” [...]


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