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Here is a selection of the “Total Eclipse of the $15 Coffee Table” aka “Eclipse Coffee Table 2024”. this unique work is my reflection of being in the path of totality, 4:44 minutes, on April 8,24. The Eclipse was a widely hyped event which I was sort of ‘meh’., about, but decided to use the natural event as the theme for the repurpose of a pretty tired, but sound, coffee table I had purchased from Franklin’s own Madison Street Salvage. Fifteen dollars filthy and apparently unloved, it set under other items. Shabby dirty it, caught my eye and the price was right.

I stripped off the old finish wondering about the table’s previous life? The front feet seemed to have been gnawed on but were still sound. Was it in a barn or even home and chewed on by rats? or just a rambunctious and bored dog of some old bachelor? The table was a well made piece and its old shabby finish cleared off easily, and it was ready to be painted! I especially like that the two long drawers pull out easily and it is low to the ground and IMO a perfect couch fronting coffee table:)

I love the challenge of taking the miserable and making it useful art. Up-cycling as a life affirming and creative delight, wrought on discarded things.

I had thought, I would have it done by April 8; I began working on it in February, but as life does…not done until this week;) I am glad that I really did not get going on the images until after I had experienced, with family and friends and dogs, the actual eclipse. It was a wonderful party and a stunning natural sight! The diamond ring, the twilight 350 degrees around us. The crescent shaped shadows. The energy of the viewers and especially the growing awe and delight of the children.

It lived up to the hype and surpassed expectations.

I also married the images of the unseeable sun, thanks NASA, our moon which we see pretty routinely, to the beauty of the daffodils my husband has planted. BECAUSE you know, ‘life is a bitch and then someone plants a garden…’ How amazing the daffodils are and delightful to paint. They are the fresh assurance of Spring is HERE! and life is blooming and changing and delighting us and awesome. Plus April so the daffs are in BLOOM:) !!!  Paired with the one rain free day of that week! We had extra good weather to view the eclipse and share that with Fam and Friends,  Just a wonderful life affirming time. So why not paint up a special piece of tired old furniture that had seen many long winters into a bright new memory of Spring and the brief, routine, and gloriously unique moments we all share everyday.

Life these days is fraught with overwhelming news (and not in a happy way); global warming, wars, political strife, in the face of all that…turning to the great power of nature that sustains us, is a glimpse of hope.

These are candid snaps of the ‘process’ the finished piece will debut at Ethos tomorrow. I will have many works to see and purchase. Stop by and say hello. Also my daughter Flannery Vaught will be participating in her big Pink Booth. so see as the FBook trolls say ‘ those weird, weird Vaughts ‘

Thank you for reading and have a warm relaxing summer!


P.S. post, I have larger and interesting new works on display at Generation Art and Frame. and although I don’t post often I have been very busy in the studio.

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