Here are studio shots of my 3 of the 100 works that will be on display at Generation Art and Frame in Franklin IN. opening of sorts this Saturday 2-24th, noon to 5 BUT :)… these works will be on display for a few months during their regular business hours.

The Guy on the Patio, acrylic on paper mounted and framed. $450.  What’s he see?!? And what is going on that he doesn’t notice? This theme of hidden life is carried out through all three of these new works. Solitary persons, alone in their routine while  life races  on beyond their sight. I thought he looked right at home out on my patio, on that bright February morning.

Hearts Apart in the Time of Covid 19the waiting and the passions, Acrylic on paper mounted to hard board. $500.

The Covid isolation, the anxiety it blessed me with;   got me to thinking that no matter how alone I felt, just out of my sight, my field of vision, all sorts of living was pulsing on. People going to work in harsh circumstances like nurses and doctors. Ware house workers and truckers and people who fed those workers, going out and coping; all those people were carrying on. So were the seasons and all the splendors of the natural world. Meditating on that gave me a sense of peace. And we all learned how to Zoom.

Blizzard 1978, Drifting Ride on The Pony, acrylic, and pen on paper mounted to board. $450.  This is a memory piece. I built in on what I could remember of this day and from photos of those days forty-six years ago. Riding my city pony on unblemished drifts that concealed my VW and the familiar streets. I loved the isolation and the privacy. The harsh weather kept others away. My grade school is visible just beyond the woods in the upper left corner. Life was in front of me then and mostly behind me now, bittersweet.

Well the plan is to give more updates on the busy year and half I have had. It has been intense with lots of travel and lots of changes to health and well being. Be well and keep looking!?! MV

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