So now the hypothetical ‘mass casualty’ world of TV’s ‘ER’ is a routine reality. 100 shot and 50 dead with legally acquired military weaponry. (ASAULT  WEAPONS USED IN WARFARE- NOT HUNTING OR SELF PROTECTION) Orlando’s event, like the slaughter of first grade children, will fade and be replaced with another blood soaked, lead story for us to be outraged about as we sit on our couch. A “well ordered Militia” my ass, more like a ‘magical army of sore heads’ who can fight their imagined demons whenever and where ever they are. Don’t like “that Faith’, ‘gays’, or ‘bad drivers’, or ‘shitty bitch female companion or male for that matter’, random child or two; go to the store, accidentally drop your piece, maybe gut shoot a 3 year old, or 70 year old gramma in the ass, or your freedom loving self in the thigh; It is all our USA citizens’, beautiful, freedom, loving, license; we are now nakedly a ‘culture of death’. Self expression through removal of your neighbors life, health, or well being. “Who is my neighbor?”, asked the rich man.

Welcome to the theater of magical thinking; No global warming, GOP not racist, business unregulated good for the economy, ‘preposterous reality TV star will make a good president’, and worse too many intelligent (SMART IS NOT THE SAME AS MORAL) folk, unwilling to stand up in a public space, or private gathering and call out these naked emperors for their immoral thinking, destructive beliefs. (Of course if you stand up to the gun lovers they threaten to kill you.) OK let us see the photos of carnage, so that there is no illusion of what an assault weapon can do to you, your child, your neighbor. When will you/I stand by the casket, or in the hospital room, or tend a loved one with permanent disability from a gunshot? Is that what has to happen, the unthinkable touching a majority, to start real change to  this nation’s gun laws? For a large enough majority of folk who vote to be touched by gun violence? Do we really want to ‘go there’? Christian Nation USA-my ass, more now a land of equal opportunity, grievance based, murdering.


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