Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, in the morning, January13, 2016, 53 years old

Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, in the morning, January 13, 2016, 53 years old

Here’s me anyway not looking too bad when photoed from this angle. Holding on to the last bits of my looks. it is those eyes that matter. The brows an easy and slight arch. On the boys too JM or AT they have that LOOK that melts my heart. So much we want and can never have? I skate above delusion and fly above reason. As long as the ground does not break me or the heavy cold mist pull me into the sea; on I will go.

Tenderness is easy. What I own that I can convert to income. Shape the hive mind. Scraps? I dont think so.

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Watercolor by Martha Lindenborg Vaught