Our beloved little dog Fossie, a Fox Terrier, stands in the warmth of an April day. She hated the cold of winter and wondered why we did not send her to Florida Nov to Apr!

This little 3″ x 5″ painting and original oil on panel is on sale at this year’s Stutz Open House.

She was given to us as a pup in 1987 an engagement present from my beloved mother and father in-law parents. A dog with brains and ethics, she loved us and elevated all situations. All 3 have crossed the “rainbow bridge”, and our memories of them are treasures.


“Fossie in the Sun” (the small version,” oil on panel, 2011

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"Tommy Cat and the Toy Mouse", oil on panel, 3.5"x5", MVaughtHodges Up CLose oil on paper M Vaught 3-2011