New works for this show down in Cincy. Big bodacious exhibition lots of food and fun and art making. whatever other making is up to you.
Here are my Two contributions.

“Take a Peek at the Abomination; New Daze in the Kakistocracy, Please Bless god!?!?”, oil on Glass with mixed media on repurposed thrift store art, Big ole’ bus a coming from the new dear leaders. This is a picture of mourning and interactive. Wisdom is on it’s side and getting fucked. And Pols are using their faith to gain power. Trading on piety.

“Robbie, in 1981, Nineteen Years Old, 3 Minutes Before Being Stranger Raped at the 6.99 (a nightclub just shy of perfection)” illustration from my novel “RobinAggie”, oil on glass repurposed art.

Thunder-Sky is a great Gallery with a giant heart Thank you Emily and Bill! Check it out,

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