Me, this past Sat evening, at Thunder Sky gallery in Cincinnati ,‘Thunder Snow’ opening. I stand with my painting and essay; this show of art inspired by the massive once in a life time, MAYBE, Blizzard of 1978.

Thirty inches of snow, 70 mph sustained winds and 20 below zero temps. It was a monster storm and has not been repeated since. Indianapolis was brought to a standstill which was a blessing; except the municipal cheapskates realized they would have to invest in some street clearing machinery, and did. Now the snow has no hope of stilling the city.

I am 16 riding my 13.2 hand hackney pony Cherokee through the drifts. The trash is uncollected the streets vacant of cars. Humans are in their houses where they belong. My VW super beetle a 1972 model is harbored in snow. And I am ready to ride out of the picture frame. “ Lost, Nostalgia, Solitude”, acrylic on Claybord, 2017

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