Drawing in process: there’s a red flag waved; challenge issued; the challenge’s gonna be met; Fury unleashed and innocent furniture looses its legs. Here is  the moment before the ‘cleaning war’ got hot. Too much scorn because he, on that hot humid night, he ran the vacuum before Pledge dusting. “I wish you’d dust first, Jesse.”, Carly says while  she masking tape dusts, the black lamp shade.  The little table suffers for it, and Jesse’s hand get a nasty splinter. The older, forest green, all paid for but bought used, 78 Accord sedan gets filled with his worldly goods then drives away into the dark of night. Personal growth is painful. Change hurts and failure is part of all that. They grew together then flourished  apart. Plus arguments over how to clean are always entertaining. Fail now, fail again, fail daily, nothing ventured nothing gained.

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M. Vaught's Summer Vacation in 1962, Painting by M. L. Vaught