FYI: this all goes under a heading something like, “i’m never going to have a real in the flesh art exhibition so I am using this space digital, I’ve paid for. ”

Here’s a peek at a new painting, (plus a too long explanation). This work comes from a large multi panel, artwork on environment, nostalgia, and memory. ‘The Summer Vacation’, an idyl of casual outdoor leisure post war, early 1960’s. The edge of my memory. Personally, I am fascinated with the feeling of nostalgia, but I also think it is dangerous. It’s a lazy activity but has a place. Just can’t live there. ‘Happy Days’ the tv show came alone when anxiety about real life was blooming. Escapism a hazard for thoughtful change. Distraction from working on improving life today. It was a troubled time back then (1960’s), but a sense of prosperity and possibility. In 2020, Charred forests and radioactive grain intrude into attempts to find peaceful retreat. This planet’s environments are now frightfully changed. Animals are gone and well it’s all pretty grim… God seemed to be in control back then but well now it’s US! yikes-Partly this is the result of billions more people, but I feel it is more our collective unwillingness to live in harmony with nature. Cant say I have any answer, and now little hope we’ll come to desire to thrive; not when the argument is all about survival. “Survive at all costs!”, is based on fear, stinginess and greed. It seems that the very moral nature of human is being cheapened, and justice is just another bit of nostalgia we cannot afford. Not in the REAL world. Now we are made for the products that we must consume in a frenzy.

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Painting by M. L. Vaught