Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cold and breezy this morning. and I have a good hacking cough of my own making. Been a dramatic and busy week getting ready for CTS which there is a reception for this evening. It is a donor reception and my work was selected yesterday for censorship. I complied by pinning a pink screened I pad over the one with its porn showing. “IT is doggie style NOT anal sex,” I protested. Now it looks like the pink iPad is resting atop the other one which is subtler and just as dirty, I think. Also I am considering offering a prize if a viewer can find the 2 hidden ejaculating penises. I also had to redact the 2 ‘Fuck’ words and agin they have more impact blacked out like a gov classified doc than before.

Most folk, if they spend any time perusing the work will figure it out. I recon most wont look long at my exploration of the ills and causes of drug addiction. Reflections on seeing our neighbor’s mug pics displayed in the media. Which is helpful when you want to play “find the a specific acquaintance game” and have your for the Schadenfreude of the day. MCLVAUGHT

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