Changing the Story Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery opening Oct 2, 5-9PM,
Interview Questions Sept 2015
participating artist Martha Lindenborg Vaught’s answers……

When you were asked to participate in this exhibit what was the first thing that came to your mind?

My first reaction was that poverty is an ignored problem and that too many Hoosiers think the poor get what they deserve. SO the work (At the Edge) I did for this I made my characters happily laying in bed after their carnal fun in a beautiful modern beach house enjoying all the pleasures of modern life. Around the edge there’s a thin dark margin filled with pressed, ignored, struggling people; those who work in menial, hard, low wage and no-advancement  jobs that make the great wealth enjoyed in the USA. Way to many people are “marginalized” in our tech, retail and  service economy. And way to many folks that reap the benefits of it do not understand how hard poor people work and how little they can buy on today’s “cheap labor” wages.

2 How did you feel your own art ideas could serve this theme?

I put some “sensibilities offending” language and imagery in the piece.  It could jar opinion or  like an editorial cartoon, at least shed light on inequities.

3 Does it matter to you if the audience has a different reaction to your work than you intended?

No artist can control how people react to  art, and I am well used to confused expressions concerning mine. I like to listen while people talk about my work; usually it reveals more about them and their life experiences than me or my intentions.

4 do you think that visual art can make a difference in solving child poverty? and If you do How can it?

There is a very long tradition of images throwing light on society’s ills from Daumier to Banksy. And since art is a collectable of the monied classes and they have some power to change things; it can ignite action.

5 Do you think an artist has to have direct experience with a subject matter to produce “valid or real” art?

Yes it helps but no. However, any artist on such an endeavor has to be empathetic.

6 Please tell us about your personal artistic values? Why do you do visual Art?

It makes for an interesting life, and I am good at it. I have a photographic memory so what I see the in my mind, images, is how I navigate the world.

7 What media do you work in?  Oils, acrylics, ink wash ,  and all drawing media.

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