1. Which work is yours?

“Have a Better Day; Aggie is Heartbroken”
Martha Lindenborg Vaught
oil on Arches, 24 x 30″
$ 3500

“Sweet Lovers; Aggie and Robin 1985”
Martha Lindenborg Vaught
oil on Arches, 24 x 30
$ 3500

2.  Why did you decide to be in this show?

Leigh saw the “Lover’s” Painting and felt it fit the theme. “Lover’s” by it’s blue green color scheme. It is from my novel’s beginning it depicts the consummation of the main character’s ( Aggie and Robin), lives together.

Leigh asked me to participate. We discussed that the theme was not limited to the color blue but could include emotion as well so I added the (Aggie’s Heartbreak Coping) work since the subject Aggie, (lady shooting the shotgun) is raging at her emotional pain, and hiding out from her husband and children, everyone in her adult life; Robin has betrayed their marriage and wants to divorce, telling her with force that he no longer loves her. They have 3 children together at this point in the story.

The emaciated stray dog, BuzzKill (dog lounging in shade of the bench), arrives at her hide out, and  remind’s her that she still has people/children to care for and will have to rejoin society and it’s conventional behaviors. The loyal and beaten dog reconnects her with life. He abides with her in her drunken isolated madness and she feeds, cares for and adopts him.

3.  What do you want viewers/prospective buyers to know about your art and/or you as an artist?

Fasten your seat belts a visual trip with MCLV is gonna be a bumpy ride!

4.  Does this art fit into a pattern of work that you regularly do or did you break out and create something entirely different from your usual work and/or style?

These works follow my cubistic narrative continuum. My ‘serious artworks’ always have a story telling nature, and I purposefully make the narratives/stories meaning’s tricky to suss out.
I want the viewer to have to study the image and think about it for themselves. My art works are to  function as both, narrative and visual puzzles. I’m a trickster. You, the viewer, have to discover if I am a trustworthy tale teller or not.

I have complex notions about what my images mean and I leave clues about MY perspective, but I hope the viewer takes these works, through their own mind’s eye, to interesting and satisfying  places. Like all travel the destination is not a final answer it’s the twists and turns of the journey.

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Detail from painting by Martha Lindenborg Vaught