The theater set characters from Thea’s View

Jesse know Carly’s not good for him, From Thea’s View

flipped me

Feeling a Little Peavey from Thea’s View

The Face You Make When You Know Your BFF is Going to Have a Much Better Time at the Party Then You. From RobinAggie

The Shrine of Sex. The madness of he-ing and she-ing.

RobinAggie novel scenes from their marriage

Stutz Studio C325, Scenes from the marriage of Robin and Agna from RobinAggie

Jesse waits for a life change. from Thea’s View

Open House snacks and image of what the artist feels as she preforms at Open House. Salute INDIANA!

There I went…a genuine Hoosier. Life’s great when flying and surviving the landing?!?!?

A relative and a friend at Raymond James Stutz Artist Open House 2017 April and TERRIFIC!

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Carl George - by Martha Vaught